14 Point Diagnostic

14 Point Diagnostic

The VoiceVision® 14 Point Diagnostic Assessment provides a standardized rating of your Contact Center and IVR systems.

Our comprehensive evaluation and report will give you specific performance data across the following business processes. We review these aspects of your system through the lenses of quality, cost, and risk in an effort to help you make your system as efficient and cost effective as it can be.

Browse below to see an overview of each of the 14 points. For more detail,  please read our white paper - Assessing Your Telephony Universe

Diagnostic Criteria


Strategic Fit

How do your PBX, IVR, Telecom, and Call Center Assets and processes fit with the financial, operational, and growth goals for your entire enterprise?


Phone System Maintainability

How quickly and cheaply can your IT systems staff implement changes in your IVR systems? 


Agent Efficiency

How long are Contact Center agents spending on calls, and how much does wasted time affect your bottom line? 


Auto Attendant Efficiency

How effective is your Auto Attendant at getting callers to the proper data or department, and how can you improve menus to reduce time on the call?


Voice User Interface Customer Experience

How do your customers perceive your Auto Attendant or IVR and how effective are you utilizing this channel for driving more sales?


Contact Center Convenience/Utility

How do your customers perceive the service they get from your contact center agents, and how does this affect your position in the marketplace?


Leveraging of Technology for Customer Experience

How well are you using the existing assets of your telecom vendors to provide the best customer experience possible?


Data Traceability and Auditability

Do you have the call statistics you need? How well are you meeting any risk management or regulatory requirements for data protection and history recreation?


Workforce Flexibility

How well situated are your contact center agents for survivability in the case the main site is unavailable?


Business Continuity

How comprehensive are your Disaster Recovery processes and systems in the case of a major system failure? (Security, IT Management, virus protection, etc...)


System Testability

How effective is your system test planning and does it cover all aspects of your IVR, Contact Center, and Telecom infrastructure?


System Capacity

Do you have enough or too much capacity in any of your telephony components?


System Documentation/Reproducibility

How accurate and comprehensive is your system documentation for modeling how the system actually works?


Change Control and Review Process

How effective is your change control process in getting the right changes implemented on the first try without too much red tape?


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