Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Vision Point Systems, Inc., is a technology and engineering company serving the needs of various industries including FDA-regulated, DOD, high tech manufacturing, and non-profit industries. We have offices located in Fairfax, VA, and Blacksburg, VA, as well as employees working on projects at client sites in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, and California. Founded in 2002, Vision Point Systems has grown steadily by satisfying the needs of clients and providing thought leadership in how organizations can better leverage technology to meet business goals.

In 2011, Vision Point Systems announced 3 new sub-brands to help clarify the company's offerings for its target customers. 

  • Vision Point Systems Government Services is a diverse group of scientists, engineers, and IT professionals working together to provide real world solutions to complex problems. Our employees encompass many different specialty disciplines within these areas including mechanical engineering, computer engineering, materials science, statistical analysis, software engineering, and business analysis.

  • Vision Point Systems Software Engineering Services helps businesses who have unique software challenges. Our process-driven project and quality management methods were developed to meet the needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, contract research organizations, pharmacy benefit managers, and other highly regulated industries.

  • VoiceVision® is a branded service offering, provided by the Software Engineering Services group, that encapsulates our experience with telephony-related software paired with our experience operating in the FDA-regulated industries, where critical customer communication requirements exist to manage risk. 

Future plans include launching innovative technology products, managing and hosting cloud-based solutions, and market expansion into a variety of additional healthcare sub-segments where active communication with end users and customers is central to the process.


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