Mission & Vision

We help companies manage relationship with their customers. We do this by assessing how Interactive Voice Response Systems are integrated with Contact Center Operations, Enterprise Application Software, and the supporting Telephony Infrastructure to promote the highest level of client, customer, and employee interaction satisfaction while insuring compliance to requirements in critical contact, frequently audited, or heavily regulated environments.  Whether you're focused on FDA part 11 compliance, validating a clinical trial randomization, or maintaining a critical system that cannot tolerate outages, the fundamental process will be the same: apply a critical eye to documentation, process, and deployment, and ensure that your system lives up to it's promise. VoiceVision is comprehensive: it's a telephony audit, a process review, and a system evaluation.  The scope of the evaluation is broad because your systems don't work in isolation, they need to be carefully synchronized.

At its core, our VoiceVision® 14 Point Evaluation is a tool that uses a defined process, an honest assessment and specific recommendations based on a thorough understanding of clients' needs and goals. VoiceVision® applies sound software and systems engineering practices to identify, develop, verify, validate, and document effective, individualized solutions that balance increased customer satisfaction with reduced reporting and liability issues. Whether premise or network based, an existing platform upgrade or completely new implementation, we create strong, functional partnerships by embedding the technical and operations knowledge of our people into our customers' capabilities, demystifying the communications process.

We do this for companies, primarily in healthcare at this point, who have critical communication needs. We intend to grow by gaining new customers in our existing segments, expanding into other critical customer communication markets, and adding complementary services based on our clients' growing needs and requirements. This approach creates clarity, efficiency, and results that lead to lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships for our customers, their customers, and our company.

We believe in what we do, how we do it, and who we do it for.


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