VoiceVision Management Team

The VoiceVision® team consists of senior-level management professionals within Vision Point Systems. We have built a reputation for delivering high quality services and solutions over the 10 years we've been serving our clients. We bring a holistic approach to consulting that considers first and foremost the needs and goals of our clients and then applies the appropriate technology to meet their needs. We are not out to sell one particular technology or platform because our goal is to be as objective as possible. We apply a diverse toolbox of technical approaches and proven project and quality management methodologies to the system challenges our clients face everyday.

The core team below collectively share four decades of experience consulting for the FDA-regulated industries. They are supported by a team of software engineers, architects, programmers, and business analysts to bring a wide range of skill sets and in-depth experience to tackle and solve our clients' most difficult problems in an efficient and cost-effective way.


Yong Lee

Yong Lee

CEO of Vision Point Systems Inc.

Yong provides client relationship and process and procedure development as well as technical insights in his oversight role with Software Engineering Services and the VoiceVision product offering operating team.

He is focused on ensuring client satisfaction with the VoiceVision engagement process and deliverables.

An experienced executive with a background in systems engineering and voice application development, he has more than 14 years in the Computer Telephony Industry. Yong holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Physics and Mathematics from Virginia Tech.

Before starting Vision Point Systems in 2002, Yong consulted for the pharmaceutical industry working as a systems engineer and project manager where he was responsible for client management, requirements analysis, software development, software documentation, systems engineering, and testing.


Jim Schweitzer

Jim Schweitzer

Business and Technical Director

Jim manages the Software Engineering Services group and is the product champion and technical team lead for the VoiceVision offering. Jim's responsibilities on engineering projects cover systems requirements, design,

software development management, testing, deployment and maintenance.

In addition to his technical expertise, Jim’s leadership skills are used to effectively manage resources to assure timely delivery of our projects. Jim has a B.A. in Economics and Cognitive Science from the University of Virginia and an M.B.A. in Business Administration from Wake Forest University.

Jim has over 9 years of experience with IVR and Contact Center system design, development, and software quality assurance, including serving as the validation manager for an FDA-regulated telephony system.


Chris Burgoyne

Chris Burgoyne

Testing and Documentation Manager

Chris coordinates all customer relationship, quality testing, and documentation requirements for the VoiceVision product offerings.

Chris is a qualified Software Testing Engineer and hold the CSTE certification from IIST. He has more than 8 years of SDLC experience in project documentation, including requirements, design, and testing.

Before joining Vision Point Systems in 2005, he worked for several organizations specializing in software development where he was responsible for project documentation and testing.


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