Voice and Data Networks

Voice and Data Networks

Your Customer Service Operations are built on a platform consisting of external service providers along with the hardware and software that make it run. These specialized technologies can be intimidating to even the most experienced IT managers. How can you be sure your Voice and Data network expenses are justified and are meeting the goals of business?

Our VoiceVision® evaluation will give you real answers to these questions.

We Believe:

  • The efficient use of your voice services depends on the quality of the applications using it. A poorly designed IVR or inefficient call center will rack up toll charges as callers sit on the phone longer than they should. A well-built IVR and well-managed call center gets callers in and out quickly, reducing costly per-minute charges.

  • Voice technologies are not as easily understood as more familiar web and email technologies. A company that doesn’t manage their telephony infrastructure closely may end up with improper sizing for services or may purchase licensing for applications they’ll never use. A company that understands telephony can utilize the platforms it has access to through its vendors to bring a useful customer experience to reality.

  • A network with a single point-of-failure puts the company at risk for a disruptive event. A company well-positioned for business survivability will have contingency plans and redundant services lined to up to minimize any outage that may come up.

Voice and Data Networks

Which side of the fence do you sit on with your Voice and Data Infrastructure? Find out with our VoiceVision® evaluation today.

Your infrastructure cannot be evaluated on its own as individual pieces. VoiceVision® examines the interactions between the Voice and Data network and the Interactive Voice Response system and Contact Centers that rely on it.

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