IVR Maintainability

Posted August 21, 2012 by Jim Schweitzer / About VoiceVision, Development, Good IVR / 0 Comments

IVR Maintainability reflects your ability to change and configure the automated voice menus that your customers navigate to accomplish their goal when contacting you. It is the first point of our VoiceVision 14 Point Diagnostic which we will discuss in detail. IVR Maintainability is what we consider a “cost driver” for operating your enterprise’s communication systems. Poor IVR Maintainability leads to changes costing more than they should, and perhaps even a stagnant, paralyzed interface that drives away customers. Let’s take a look about why that is. Cost of Making Changes IVRs, Auto-attendants, and PBXs come in varied arrays of software and hardware. Each brand and vendor has its own… Learn More

What is: Quality?

Posted March 5, 2012 by Chris Burgoyne / Development, Documentation, Testing and Quality, What Is? / 0 Comments What is: Quality?

As we travel the world, we're meeting people whose practices need improvement. In many cases these are people who are used to working very hard. However, in some cases they are working harder than they have to. Take the concept of Quality. Many organizations still do not have a Quality policy. So are they providing low quality solutions and service? Not necessarily. Let's look at the ways we… Learn More

Twilio Has Fun with “Callin’ Oates” App

Posted December 22, 2011 by Chris Burgoyne / Development, IVR Platforms / 0 Comments

Twilio, in an attempt to bring some attention to their APIs that allow organizations to "build scalable, reliable voice and text messaging apps" easily, released their "Callin' Oates" app. Adam Clark Estes at Atlantic.com reports, on the latest viral phenomenon: Michael Selvidge only started his job in Twilio's communications department three weeks ago, but he's already scored his first viral marketing hit -- practically by accident and all thanks to one retweet from New York Times tech reporter Jenna Wortham. In case you missed it, the Callin' Oates meme is just a phone number (719-26-OATES) and an answering machine ("Welcome to Callin'… Learn More

What is: Intelligent Call Routing?

Posted October 26, 2011 by Matt Simmons / Development, Contact Center Operations, Contact Center Technology, Testing and Quality, What Is? / 0 Comments What is: Intelligent Call Routing?

The Switchboard Operator is extinct, as a job description, anyway.  Machines have been routing our calls for decades, but in recent years, the automation of this process has been refined and significantly improved. Intelligent Call Routing is a term for routing done by software that attempts to identify the caller and direct them to an appropriate agent. The software can identify the caller based… Learn More

What is: DTMF?

Posted October 6, 2011 by Leslie Dove / Development, Telco, What Is? / 0 Comments What is: DTMF?

DTMF stands for Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency. This is the technical term for the sounds you hear when you press the keys on your telephone. DTMF does more than just let you know that you pressed a key. Each key has its own sound. Each sound is actually two tones played simultaneously. One of these tones is a low-frequency tone; the other is a high-frequency tone. There are four low-frequency tones which… Learn More


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