What the Genesys Acquisition of Angel Means for your Contact Center

Posted February 26, 2013 by Jim Schweitzer / Cloud, IVR Platforms, Contact Center Technology, Strategy / 0 Comments What the Genesys Acquisition of Angel Means for your Contact Center

Genesys announced today that it will be acquiring Angel from Microstrategy, Inc. Genesys has been a leading player for over a decade in premise-based unified communications systems. Most people in the contact center… Learn More

Jim Schweitzer appears as IVR Expert on KnowledgeShift Training Tech Talk

Posted January 11, 2013 by Chris Burgoyne / About VoiceVision, Consulting, Good IVR, IVR Platforms, Telco / 0 Comments

Jim Schweitzer, our Business and Techinical Director, was featured as the guest expert on KnowledgeShift's Training Tech Talk blog radio show earlier today. Check out the Archived Recording below: Listen to internet radio with KnowledgeShift on Blog Talk Radio   During the talk with the hosts, Nancy Munro and Allison Black, Jim discusses the evolution of IVR technologies over the last decade - moving from premise-based, hardware driven systems, to VOIP and VXML-based applications, to the emerging cloud IVR platforms like Twilio and Voxeo. Topics also include the risks and benefits that the… Learn More

Twilio Has Fun with “Callin’ Oates” App

Posted December 22, 2011 by Chris Burgoyne / Development, IVR Platforms / 0 Comments

Twilio, in an attempt to bring some attention to their APIs that allow organizations to "build scalable, reliable voice and text messaging apps" easily, released their "Callin' Oates" app. Adam Clark Estes at Atlantic.com reports, on the latest viral phenomenon: Michael Selvidge only started his job in Twilio's communications department three weeks ago, but he's already scored his first viral marketing hit -- practically by accident and all thanks to one retweet from New York Times tech reporter Jenna Wortham. In case you missed it, the Callin' Oates meme is just a phone number (719-26-OATES) and an answering machine ("Welcome to Callin'… Learn More

Interview With Voxeo Labs on Cloud Telephony

Posted December 12, 2011 by Chris Burgoyne / Industry Interviews, IVR Platforms, Telco, Strategy / 0 Comments Interview With Voxeo Labs on Cloud Telephony

In the latest installment of our series of conversations with industry leaders, we’re speaking with Chris Matthieu, Director of Business Development at Voxeo Labs.  Voxeo is one of the recognized leaders in hosted telephony services.  We spoke to him specifically about Voxeo’s Tropo offering which… Learn More

Recap from the First Ever Twilio Conference

Posted September 26, 2011 by Jim Schweitzer / IVR Platforms, Contact Center Technology / 0 Comments Recap from the First Ever Twilio Conference

I’m back in Virginia from San Francisco, where I attended last week’s Twilio Conference. This two day event was a showcase for the up-and-coming developer and entrepreneur community budding aroung Twilio’s “telephony in the cloud” platform. Based on a Web Services model, Twilio allows… Learn More


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