Small Changes in the Contact Center Add Up to Big Savings

Posted December 5, 2012 by Chris Burgoyne / About VoiceVision, Contact Center Operations, Teachable Moments / 0 Comments

You've heard of death by a thousand cuts? It's real, but we don't have to be negative all the time.  Let's make our glass half full and remember a more positive cliché: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." The part of that maxim that's forgotten tends to be the millions of steps that follow the first one. The point is that little things can make a big difference when you put them together. For example, after a VoiceVision® assessment, when small changes to a call flow are implemented, even modest improvements can lead to significant results. Imagine a call that used to take one minute,… Learn More

The People In Your Neighborhood-The IT Department

Posted November 28, 2012 by Chris Burgoyne / Telco, Contact Center Operations, Strategy, Teachable Moments / 0 Comments

Hi Everybody! The latest in our article series - The People in Your Neighborhood is up on ICMI's website. This article looks at the unsung heroes of your Contact Center - the IT Department.  A Contact Center that makes a strategic partner of IT will have untold advantages and will live life less stressfully! We'd love your thoughts on this topic. Check out the article and let us know what you think in the comments.   Learn More

People Like IVR!

Posted September 14, 2012 by Chris Burgoyne / Good IVR, Voice Interface, Teachable Moments / 1 Comments

People love IVR! Just a quick reminder, and this is backed up by a report from the folks at Forrester research.  People really like IVR systems for simple tasks, and they overwhelmingly support IVR systems notifying them when important things are coming up, like the bill coming due, and stuff like that! An Overwhelming Majority Of Consumers Express Interest In Proactive Notification   Base: 1,001 online US consumers who have used telephone customer service in the past 12 months Source: “Driving Consumer Engagement With Automated Telephone Customer Service.”  Learn More

Employee Directory Blues

Posted July 31, 2012 by Chris Burgoyne / Good IVR, Contact Center Technology, Teachable Moments / 0 Comments Employee Directory Blues

Welcome once again to our series on teachable moments. A lot of people say they hate IVRs, but we think they really just hate bad IVRs. Occasionally (OK, frequently) we run into bad IVRs, too. Since IVR is what we do, we try to help. Does any of this sound familiar? I'm calling a business contact named Matt Smith*. I call the 800 number for his company, and I hear the IVR menu:… Learn More

Call Progress Analysis #FAIL

Posted July 12, 2012 by Jim Schweitzer / Good IVR, Teachable Moments / 0 Comments

It's time to dust off the "Teachable Moments" blog tag. I'm regretting deleting the voicemail I just got from a telemarketer (who will remain nameless thanks to my quick trigger finger and weak primacy memory effect). I was at first impressed by the Call Progress Analysis that was performed - the recording that was on my machine had apparently successfully detected the call result as a machine and not a live human, as indicated by it not being cut off at the start and a contextual "sorry we missed you" greeting. My professional respect quickly turned into a facepalm when the message ended with "If you'd like to be put… Learn More


Posted December 20, 2011 by Chris Burgoyne / Consulting, Telco, Teachable Moments / 0 Comments Acronymity

We blog here at VPS to share our experiences and our general knowledge in our industry. What’s a blog if not a chance to get out there an play talking head and jabber about what everybody is seeing everyday! We know you’ve been there with us. You explain your job to somebody, or you have to train the new guy, or you have explain technology, and it’s all acronyms, and that’s… Learn More

Who’s In Charge?

Posted November 8, 2011 by Chris Burgoyne / Consulting, Teachable Moments / 0 Comments Who’s In Charge?

One quick way to gauge the health of an organization or a project is to ask, “Who’s in charge?” The answer will likely be illuminating. Projects need authority to function well. There must be a person who can be the referee, a person who can settle disputes; a person who can be trusted at all times to know where the project is in relation to the ultimate goal.  This… Learn More

Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Posted October 18, 2011 by Chris Burgoyne / Customer Satisfaction, Contact Center Operations, Teachable Moments / 0 Comments Can’t Get No Satisfaction

I got a C in Physics, but I believe the 5th law of Thermodynamics is that it’s cheaper to keep customers than get new ones. Customer Satisfaction is what every contact center aspires to cultivate and manage, but getting an accurate assessment can be challenging. Greg Levin writes, "A comprehensive… Learn More

Why Customers Dump Their Vendors

Posted October 13, 2011 by Chris Burgoyne / Consulting, Teachable Moments / 0 Comments Why Customers Dump Their Vendors

"The day you sign a client is the day you start losing them." - I think I heard it on TV.  It's a platitude, of course. We know just as surely that  each day takes us closer to our eventual death. It may be true, but not really useful. But if we accept that business relationships are not permanent, we can also agree that sometimes they end prematurely and unfortunately, acrimoniously.… Learn More


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