VoiceVision® is a service that evaluates Interactive Voice Response, Voice and Data Networks, and Contact Centers. The results of this evaluation are especially suited for businesses operating in FDA-regulated environments. Our team has worked with systems subject to 21 CFR Part 11 regulations for nearly a decade. Given the rigors with which computer and telecommunications systems must operate in this environment, the VoiceVision® service specifically addresses the need for processes that comply with FDA regulations and guidelines. Our target market focus includes companies working in the following industries:

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology (click to open)

Pharma and biotech companies use IVR systems (IVRS), contact centers, and computer telephony to automate a host of business processes.  Areas of application include but are not limited to:   REMS process automation for ensuring patient safety Therapy compliance Sponsor-managed clinical trials Post-marketing surveillance Managed drug distribution The promise of technology… Learn More

Clinical Research Organizations (click to open)

IVR systems (IVRS) and other Interactive Response Technologies (IRT) are increasingly used in clinical trials to enhance process efficiency, consistency, and patient safety.  The benefits range from reducing manual procedures whereby risk is reduced to lowering the material and labor cost of conducting a trial.  Sponsors and CROs have turned to IVRS to perform or enable… Learn More

Regulated Industries (click to open)

If you support a telephony environment in a regulated industry, you know that maintenance and upgrades require careful planning and execution. You have to document, validate and apply change control processes while satisfying business customers' need for new features to maintain your company's competitive edge. Because voice applications and contact center operations require… Learn More

All Industries (click to open)

Even if your voice-based systems do not operate in a heavily regulated environment, you still have challenges that are common to all organizations that seek to leverage technology to streamline business processes. A call center evaluation is recommended periodically to evaluate performance over time.  If you're making changes to your system over time, you need to reevaluate… Learn More


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