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Even if your voice-based systems do not operate in a heavily regulated environment, you still have challenges that are common to all organizations that seek to leverage technology to streamline business processes. A call center evaluation is recommended periodically to evaluate performance over time.  If you're making changes to your system over time, you need to reevaluate and ensure you're not making the system worse!  The simple logic behind VoiceVision is that the best practices used to ensure quality in regulated industries will produce benefits everywhere. Appropriately adapting such practices comes down to understanding underlying business and technical goals. A common sense approach for applying analysis with a focus on value will benefit your organization greatly and help you prepare for the future.

A VoiceVision® 14 point diagnostic assessment applies a targeted set of criteria to measure complex systems. We are able to tailor our analysis to best fit your needs while keeping universal principles in mind. In the real world, the most useful systems find a sweet spot that combines affordability and technical accomplishment. This point seldom lies with the cheapest solution or the most technically advanced.  We can help you set realistic goals to maintain in serving your customers needs. The recommendations we deliver will in many cases confirm some ideas you already have as well as provide new insights no matter how your IVR system and contact center are used.

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