Regulated Industries

Regulated Industries

If you support a telephony environment in a regulated industry, you know that maintenance and upgrades require careful planning and execution. You have to document, validate and apply change control processes while satisfying business customers' need for new features to maintain your company's competitive edge. Because voice applications and contact center operations require extensive integration of complex systems, balancing these competing goals can be challenging.

Our VoiceVision® 14 point diagnostic evaluation helps you make sense of where you stand. We look at all areas that are important in any regulated industry, such as:

  • Quality of documentation
  • Business continuity planning
  • Evidence of appropriate testing and validation
  • Adequate work practices and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for ongoing support

Good documentation is the foundation on which highly reliable and useable systems are built. The foundation of good documentation is carefully maintained work practices, SOPs, requirements, design, testing, and configuration documents. Understanding how your systems are used and if the capacity you've provisioned is appropriate can help you save money and time. This goes a long way in enhancing internal and external customer satisfaction. We've spent years helping clients who operate under some of the most rigorous sets of regulations. Let our experience help ensure your systems compliance.

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