Telephony Evaluation Process

Our process for evaluating telephony systems is simple and straightforward. We know what we need in order to examine the overall health of your system, and we know the questions to ask to get that information. Expect us to move fast.  You'll have our final evaluation quickly -- it won't take months.

When you sign on for a VoiceVision® Evaluation, here is what you should expect:

The  VoiceVision® Process

What to Expect                                                              What You'll Get

The VoiceVision Process


  1. Our engagement lead will request a list of specific documents for review.
  2. The engagement lead will schedule a series of brief interviews with key stakeholders.
  3. (Optional) Our expert consultants will visit your call center and telecom facilities for observation.
  4. Our crack team of VoiceVision® analysts will evaluate the infomation obtained using our 14-point Diagnostic criteria.
  5. We will provide you with the VoiceVision® Evaluation Document
  6. Now that you are armed with information, Take Action!

What makes us different?

Our difference is that our varied expertise across the IVR, Telecom, and Contact Center spaces allows us to be uniquely targeted and efficient in our execution of this type of evaluation. 

Telephony is our business. We'll focus on that so you don't have to!


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