Contact Center

Contact Center

Your Contact Center representatives are the face of your business. The personnel and infrastructure that facilitate this operation are an investment in cultivating your existing customer base, maintaining their loyalty and developing new ones. How do you know when the expense of your contact center is more than a necessary evil or is really adding value to your company?

Our VoiceVision® evaluation will give you real answers to these questions.

We Believe:

  • An inefficient Contact Center has agents that are frustrated that they can’t help customers with their queries, customers that are unhappy with long hold times and IT managers that have to account for high phone bills. An efficient contact center hums like a machine with few calls handled by live reps that could have been handled by an IVR.

  • Customers perceive a Contact Center as a hindrance when they are asked for the same information multiple times, routed to agents who can’t answer their questions or pressured with hard sales pitches. Customers perceive a contact center as a resource when they know exactly how to get what they are looking for and use the automated IVR and agents as a tool for learning more about your company and products.

  • A Contact Center that is rigid is at risk for events that would disrupt business by not having a backup site set up or giving agents the ability to work remotely in the case of disaster. A flexible Contact Center ensures business continuity by providing capabilities for overflow and contingency situations

Contact Center

Which side of the fence do you sit on with your Contact Center? Find out with our VoiceVision 14 Point Diagnostic evaluation today.

Your Contact Center cannot be evaluated on its own. VoiceVision® examines the interactions between the Contact Center, the Interactive Voice Response system that delivers calls, and the Voice and Data network backbone that drives it.

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