Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response

Your Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) is the first impression your customers get of your organization when they call your toll-free number. Even if they have already purchased your product, the impression they are left with will influence their satisfaction and likelihood of repeat purchases. We know that the control of these systems is often distributed with IT, marketing, and operations, all of which have their own areas of influence. Since all the stakeholders have different points of view, it is sometimes difficult to come to an agreement. How do you know that your process is managed, your maintenance costs are under control, and your customers are getting the information they need so everyone is happy?

Our VoiceVision® evaluation will give you real answers to these questions.

We Believe:

  • A convoluted IVR maintenance process leads to delays in the release cycle, increased development and testing costs, and a risk of adding to customer confusion. An IVR that is easy to maintain is built on a software framework that is designed for change and has all business stakeholders on board in a timely manner.

  • A poor IVR interface leads to misdirected calls, frustrated customers, and missed opportunities to showcase your products to your customers. A good IVR interface gets your customers the data or department they are looking for the first time. Thoughtful IVR testing coupled with good design takes you a long way toward a system that customers are happy with.

  • A data interface that poorly tracks customer interaction fails to augment your customer information database with valuable usage data and may put you at risk of not meeting industry regulatory requirements. A solid data-tracking backend tells you exactly who did what when and covers your audit bases. IVR documentation, IVR efficiency, and IVR compliance are inextricably connected when you're creating an IVR system subject to FDA oversight.

Interactive Voice Response

So, which side of the fence do you sit on with your IVR? Find out with our VoiceVision® evaluation today.

Your IVR software cannot be evaluated on its own. VoiceVision® examines the interactions between IVR and the Contact Center operations it's tied to and the Voice and Data network backbone that drives it.

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